Monday, April 13, 2009

Why do pigeons eat lilac leaves?

why do pigeons eat plastic wrappers laying on the ground with dried up old french fry grease on them? i bet a lilac leaf looks like a pretty good treat after a day of eating trash.


Why do pigeons eat lilac leaves?
Because they are complete nutters.
Reply:My b/c they think it tastes good.
Reply:Pigeons eat leaves. Lilac or otherwise.
Reply:Cause they are worthy of eating.
Reply:Helps them reproduce


If i'm wearing lilac eyeshadow with a plum accent shadow...what color should my lips be?

I would say like a mocha color. Something neutral that won%26#039;t draw attention away from your eye color, but not too light for your complexion.

I use this stuff called SexyMotherPucker...they sell it at Target.

Good luck!

If i%26#039;m wearing lilac eyeshadow with a plum accent shadow...what color should my lips be?
neutral or a light pink shade Report It

Reply:A chocolate brown or caramel colored lipstick would look great with your eyeshadow. You can also use a nude color lipstick, but I think it%26#039;s more fun to wear a rich brown color!
Reply:A neutral lip tone... nothing too bright or dark, to detract from the emphasis on your eyes.
Reply:a neutral color
Reply:pearly sheer - no color!
Reply:Wear sheer gloss on the lips. It%26#039;s looks sexy and I%26#039;m wearing that today myself.
Reply:Your best bet is to stick to a neutral shade, I would always make one feature stand out and tone down the rest.
Reply:Pink, dark pink or red is fine.
Reply:a light coral or light pink gloss
Reply:i would go more for a glossy nude color
Reply:I would suggest a clear gloss, or a frosted pink gloss.

When wearing bold shadow colours you should stay away from bold glosses.

Go for the nude lip.
Reply:sheer pink/light lavender lip gloss
Reply:anything that%26#039;s pink shade would look nice...
Reply:A dark-ish pinky colour, don%26#039;t use more purple, it could look to well...Purple lol =O

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Does anyone remember the lilac boxes full of Johnsons baby products?

Are they still around, and if so where can I get one?


Does anyone remember the lilac boxes full of Johnsons baby products?
Mothercare, Babies R Us and I have also seen them in Asda Wallmart. They are around about £30.00
Reply:yes they are still around i was bought one about a year ago from mothercare
Reply:I got mine from superdrug and tesco sometimes have them in.
Reply:I got one in Superdrug just before christmas - I am a beauty therapist and its great for carry around my kits in.

They are about £18
Reply:i have seen them in Mothercare and in Babies r us (in toys r us)
Reply:they are lilac and yellow now you can get them in toys r us.

i got my best mate one in February and another in march they are fab aren%26#039;t they

they also do avent ones and mother cares own
Reply:It is the Bedtime stuff. I%26#039;m not sure if the gift sets are still around, but the product definitely is.
Reply:i had mine form superdrug for 18.00 but i dont think they sell them any more. mothercare sell them for 30.00 for exactly the same product but the box is white! i think in toys r us they are 25.00
Reply:My mum brought me one 4 years ago from Mother care. From what I remember it contained a bar of soap, cotton buds, shampoo, the pink baby lotion, head to toe wash and the blue bubble bath. The box has a removable compartment.

My mum brought it me with good intentions however I never used the box after I used the Products. Try Babies R us in toys r us they tend to keep to the same product lines year after year.
Reply:yes hun i got mine from ASDA for £19.99p
Reply:Target and Babies R Us
Reply:I got mine from super drug but i have seen them in tescos and they were cheaper than super drug. i love using them on my baby they smell so nice after, better than what he did before anyway. He is 14 months and into everything
Reply:Yes, I,ve seen them in Boots, Superdrug and Babies r us
Reply:Mothercare still have them.
Reply:you can buy them from superdrug thats where i got mine for £17.99
Reply:Oh yeah they are great, you get a baby box for storage and everything you could need (appart from nappies), I believe they still sell them at mothercare. You could always try their website. Goodluck
Reply:baby%26#039;s R us and boots (Waste of money though.) I was going to buy one but i worked out what i was most likely to use (as you will not use all the things in the box as some are not recomended for a young babys delicate skin) and spent the same amount as i would have in the box pf goodies then i bought a lovely wicker lined basket and i store them in there. Much nicer. But of course up to you.
Reply:ive seen them in my local superdrug store and i thin ive seen them in mothercare too
Reply:i remember them cuz i brought one today....and abt 3 weeks ago but forgot i%26#039;d gotten it!, mothercare n babies r us do %26#039;em.
Reply:If you ae in the uk boots do them and so do argos.hope this helps
Reply:I do. Try Toys R Us or Babies R Us, sometimes other department stores like Penney%26#039;s or Sears. Good Luck.
Reply:i would try babie %26#039;r%26#039; us or try the johnsons website as they will have alll of their products which they sell on it , have you tried mothercare or any other baby shops ? hope you find what yiu are looking for .
Reply:You can get them from boots and mothercare or toy r us/babies r us

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How to start a lilac bush with a clipping?

I%26#039;ve never had it work for me. Try taking a root. Grafting one branch onto another already existing bush also works.

If you pick branches for a vase, smash up the stems (lower 4 inches) real good before you put them in water otherwise they tend to wilt. Pick in early morning.


Where can I find Lilac bridemaids dresses in London?

I%26#039;ve tried everywhere and I can%26#039;t find anything :-(

We can%26#039;t afford to go to bridal shops. I%26#039;ve tried everything from John lewis to ebay! I%26#039;m really stuck - if you%26#039;ve found something I haven%26#039;t please help! Thanks :-)

Where can I find Lilac bridemaids dresses in London?

Im sure London has Debanhams. . .

Good Luck

Reply:If your okay with splashing out then on Bond Street there are wedding shops which sell bridesmaids dresses aswell but if you dont want to spend too much then you can go to Topshop and they sell formal evening dresses and they could definately pass off as bridesmaid gowns. hope this helps, if not try Googleing %26#039;Bridesmaids dresses in london%26#039; or %26#039;wedding shops in london%26#039;
Reply:Not sure what style you%26#039;re looking for, but how about the following:
Reply:Call a local bridal shop and ask if you could have the dress specially made. I recently had a prom dress designed and made and the cost isn%26#039;t half as bad as you expect.
Reply:This place has some -

This is the only place I can find tho. It would seem lilac isnt the %26quot;in%26quot; colour this year!

Have you tried Monsoon?They have some gorgeous dresses and you might hit lucky there.


Discribe the shade of lilac to me.?

? please help.

Discribe the shade of lilac to me.?
It%26#039;s a light purple.

Just like the color of a lilac flower. Very light version of purple.
Reply:its a light purple

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Why hasn't my lilac bush bushed out more? It hasn't bloomed very much either.?

The bush is very thin and hasn%26#039;t grown much since I planted it in the ground last year.

Why hasn%26#039;t my lilac bush bushed out more? It hasn%26#039;t bloomed very much either.?
Fertilizer. the only way to go... lilacs have a hard time on there own.
Reply:It may sound strange as it doesn%26#039;t seem that hard to do - but the point is, you can be more or less effective depending how you do it.

For instance, do not water in the heat of the day - most will just evaporate before it can reach the roots of the plant.

Rather, try and do in the morning when it is cooler, or in the evening.
Reply:You have to prune it. Lilacs, hydrangea, butterfly bushes, etc., all have to be pruned in order for them to stay healthy and bloom. Depending on the type of plant/tree depends on when you prune. Depending on Why you%26#039;re pruning determines how (to control the size of the plant, to encourage more flowers. etc.)

Attached is an excellent guide.